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peoplepuddle is a collective of artists currently based in Richmond, Virginia, whose mission is to create a variety of different types of  creative work that involve dance in the process but are not dances for the concert stage. The collective values collaboration, interdisciplinary work, and bringing art to spaces that don’t traditionally include it. peoplepuddle’s works investigate a variety of themes including natural and unnatural phenomena, personal identity, isolation, and choice.

peoplepuddle’s focus is to present site-specific works, immersive performances, and films. We offer a platform for artists to explore and play with collaborators across disciplines and the resources to create works that cannot be accomplished independently. peoplepuddle is committed to facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration, and creating opportunities for and dancers choreographers to explore works beyond the traditional theater setting.

Memebers of peoplepuddle

A Solo for 206 Performers, 2019

Choreography, videography, editing, by Michelle Koppl

Performed by Payton Baril, Christina Collins, Lani Corey, Marissa Forbes, Erika Hahn, Michelle Koppl, Katy McCormack, Zoe Wampler, Christine Wyatt

Scored by Payton Baril


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