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Kinetic Sculpture: 206, 2019

Created and presented as a part of Fieldwork for Mixed Disciplines at Dance Place, Washington DC.

A new rendition of a familiar work.

Performed by Micah Koppl

Sound, Costume, Projection by Micah Koppl

A Solo for 206 Performers, 2019

Premiered at the Richmond Dance Festival.

Presented at the Ascending Choreographers' Showcase at The Warehouse Theater, Edgewood MD.

Presented at the Small Plates Choreography Festival, Richmond VA.

Inspired by the work of Yvonne Rainer and named for the 206 bones in the adult human body, A Solo for 206 Performers explores the relationship between the mind and the body in motion.

Performed by Micah Koppl

Music: Ronda, Spain, June 2001 by Luc Ferrari

Click HERE for a review in RVAMagazine

Avulsion, 2018

Presented as a part of 1708 Gallery's InLight Richmond Exhibition.

Avulsion: a change in channel course that occurs when a stream suddenly breaks through its banks

 Avulsion, a site-specific dance work, explores the relationship between the urban and natural environments coexisting in the River City, Richmond. Two performers energize the hills of the VMFA’s sculpture garden, moving with and against each other and their surroundings. Sounds and video captured at the James River accompany the dancers, and explore what happens when two environments suddenly collide.

Performed and co-created by Ryan Davis and Kels Gagnon

Avulsion Performance Documentation
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Phosphorescence, 2017

Presented as a part of 1708 Gallery's InLight Richmond Exhibition.

Micah Koppl’s site-specific dance work, Phosphorescence, explores and modernizes the work of Loie Fuller, a modern dance pioneer of the early 20th century. Koppl’s work includes original projections by Holly Ashton that will light both the dancers and the audience, making them equal participants in the experience. While Fuller used elaborate skirts to create her famous images, Koppl will use the dancers themselves to transform the space through energetic movement reflecting the life of radioactive particles.

Performed and co-created by Taylor-Leigh Adams, Hallie Chametzky, Kels Gagnon, Steele Goldman, Zoe Wampler

Music: The Canyon Wants to Hear C Sharp by Andrew Bird

Impetuosity, 2017

Premiered at the VCU Dance Pathfinders Student Concert.

Impetuosity explores the inevitability of natural events through never-ending, cyclical movement. Nine dancers flood the stage,

simultaneously embodying a natural phenomenon and attempting to wade through it.

Performed by Taylor-Leigh Adams, Emily Allred, Elizabeth Drake, Marissa Forbes, Shanya Greene, Elsie Neilson, Alicia Olivo, Helen Solomita, Zoe Wampler

Music: Epilogue by Son Lux